Art is a path to the soul via beauty, perception and emotion. It is one of the things that makes us uniquely human.  It can convey aesthetic, social and sentimental points of view through a myrid of media.  Unlike language, its message is not refracted nearly as much by cultural and temporal filters. Our perception of art is both universal and personal at the same time, tapping into the passions and experiences that connect us to and differentiate us from each other and the world we live in.  

I am fascinated by patterns both symmetric and stochastic in the world around us. My approach oscillates between the highly organized and utterly chaotic.  On one side seeking repetitive patterns, on the other, injecting as much entropy into the process as possible.  I embrace the abstract and experimental, focusing mostly on composition, color and form.  My favorite subjects are buildings - active and abandoned - and light painting.  I will sometimes digitally manipulate photos to create new images or dreamscapes.  I spend a significant amount of time post processing in the digital darkroom, and proofing to ensure the best possible output.