I am an emerging contemporary artist working in digital photography, computer art and music. I was born in Yonkers, New York and migrated to Chicago to persue an enginnering degree in Computer Science.

At college in the early 90s, I worked with my peers in the journalism school to publish a text only magazine over the internet called Blink just as the first mainstream graphical web browser - Mosaic - was born. In 1996, I helped to found The Site of Big Shoulders web magazine showcasing Chicago artists, writers and poets while training volunteers in web publishing and production.  It was granted 501(c)(3) public charity status in 2003.

I started experimenting with a digital camera one night in 2004 taking random photographs and using a portable four track recorder trying to capture sights and sounds of Chicago. Some of the more experimental and entropic photos were the most compelling and got me to daydreaming about light painting. Since then I have been educating myself about photography and digital art through reading and experimentation.

A software engineer by trade, after a long day herding gigabytes across the information super highway, I spend my free time with aesthetic persuits like digital photography, digital art, programming synthesizers, playing piano and guitar and making ambient electronic music.